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Hello, We Are Kind Roots

We are experts in pregnancy, birth, newborns, and the postpartum woman. 

Regardless of your decisions surrounding birth, we have one mission:

to support you in feeling confident with each choice you make. 

Morgan Terrell

Birth Doula

Caring for others has always been instinctual for Morgan. She has been a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant for over 17 years. Morgan found doula work to be another extension of the care she naturally gives and is proud to be part of the Kind Roots family.

Morgan navigates your needs by attending to you as a unique individual, while providing a gentle and confident approach during the birth process. From her experience with physical therapy, Morgan works as a team player to help you achieve your goals. She has a deep understanding

of the power of human touch and brings a calm, relaxing demeanor to your birthing space.


Outside of work, Morgan is involved in the Parent Teacher Organization where her two children attend school. She enjoys spending time on the weekend at the family-owned farm where she grew up, dabbling in essential oils, card-making, and cooking for her loved ones. Morgan and her husband enjoy live music, and raising their family in and around Iowa City, where she calls home.

Alaina McElmeel

Birth & Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Placenta Specialist

Connection and care are the heart of Alaina’s approach to doula work. She puts you at the center of your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time and encourages you to take the initiative in education and communication with your birth team. She offers reassurance as you tune into your instincts and trusts that you already have many answers within you.

Alaina has spent nearly 15 years studying the birth process and has truly found her passion as a doula. Her interest in women’s health and loving disposition combine to inspire you to take back your birth and make decisions from a place of informed confidence.


Always learning, she continues to expand her skills and knowledge base, most recently with a breech birth workshop and a pregnancy and infant loss advocacy course.


Alaina loves spending cozy time with her family, reading, gardening and watercolor painting. She raises monarch caterpillars every summer and gets her exercise by chasing around her two kids and mischievous dachshund. With too many interests to count, she's always got something fun going on (sorry housework!) but her favorite thing is whole-family adventures in the woods and playing video games with her partner.



“I can’t imagine our birth experience without a doula. Morgan was incredible – such a calm and supportive person to have in the room with us. She allowed me to focus with my husband and be comfortable the entire time. She knew what I wanted more than I did and what was great was I was so in the zone I felt like I had no words. With Morgan, I didn’t need them, she just knew what to do. My husband even mentioned it was like the 2 of them had an unspoken language about what to do.


She was great at consulting me before it was go time and even after my water broke.
Was very quick to the hospital. She was where I needed her to be and even taking
care of things I had no idea of the entire experience. I sincerely hope she is able
to be there for us with all future kiddos as well.”     

—  Mandy W.

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